While creating the webpage about bookspile, I was thinking about three main targets.

1. I would like to know if you like my idea and experiment.

2. I would like to hear your notes and suggestions for how to enhance the bookspile. I really look forward to reading your comments and notes, and I am placing the most interesting ones into a separate list.

3. I would like to find a manufacturer who would be interested in having bookspile on their production list. If you are such a manufacturer and you would like to know more – let’s get in touch!

Your opinion is important to me.
Do you
like bookspile?
I am also grateful for your comments.

Your oppinions (22)

  • Lauri Harris 2014.06.01 19:13:21

    I would like to know when you find your manufacturer. Cool product!
  • Ludmilla Viktorovna 2011.12.24 16:52:21

    Hello I do not speak in English, I use a translator. I really liked your idea. All ingenious is simple! )))
  • sonata 2011.11.17 11:43:38

    Labai fain. Norėčiau tokią turėti. Ar jos parsiduoda?
  • Rachel 2011.06.22 06:39:56

    I love this idea, both the finished look and the versatility. I would love to see more colors and a greater variety of sizes.
  • Aldo 2011.05.05 11:40:12

    Hi, this is Aldo from Italy. I really like both your idea and the result. I would like to have it in my bedroom as soon as possible! (about this: how can i get your bookspile? is there a reseller?) As a suggestion maybe you can play with other colors and other measures, maybe you can double up your bookspile having a bigger one, otherwise you may make a bigger base so you can tilt more your bookspile, like if there were no gravity.. Hope this could help you! GREAT JOB, anyway! ps. sorry for my english..:)
  • Ar2r 2010.03.25 20:10:40

    Cool Books
  • Nikki 2009.11.04 00:10:42

    Hi! This is Nikki from Greece. I did found interesting and inspired your idea. I would like it on the wall too...where can we get a couple of fakebooks from? PS : I have only one doubt about how steady the construction is especially if it is upon the wheels (which i did like their size a lot!)
  • anna 2009.10.16 22:21:05

    I reely realy like it! Anna from Latvia - Jurmala
  • ana 2009.10.07 02:44:40

    I want it! Could also have white.
  • Carol 2009.09.25 01:05:51

    Comment Wonderful transition from your pile of books, to the new product: smart, practical & great "toy value". My only gripe is the 'advertising' - I don't want to see the name everywhere I look. Could it be just engraved, not printed? There'd be a texture, and your eye would see it's lettering, but it would be discrete, but not distracting. Keep up the good work!

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