While creating the webpage about bookspile, I was thinking about three main targets.

1. I would like to know if you like my idea and experiment.

2. I would like to hear your notes and suggestions for how to enhance the bookspile. I really look forward to reading your comments and notes, and I am placing the most interesting ones into a separate list.

3. I would like to find a manufacturer who would be interested in having bookspile on their production list. If you are such a manufacturer and you would like to know more – let’s get in touch!

Your opinion is important to me.
Do you
like bookspile?
I am also grateful for your comments.

Your oppinions (22)

  • Ausra 2009.07.01 23:58:13

    Creative, original, individual bookspile. I am dreaming about this bookspile in my room - I think it's the best place to keep books in such original way.
  • Gnu 2009.06.27 11:55:41

    Hi there, I really liked your bookspile idea and the product it self, but I don't like these huge wheels. I think it would be better to replace them with a smaller furniture caster or small furniture legs.

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